The arrival

Hello and thanks for tuning in for round 2 of my blog. I want to talk about the scariest thing I have ever seen and that was the day Gray DJ rocked into this world. As I said in my previous blog we had agreed with Prof Daly that Gray would be born on Monday
January 30th by Cesarean. We spent the day before doing the last few bits and generally trying to distract ourselves from the thoughts of what lay in store, for those of you that don’t know me I am absolutely terrified of blood and I turn into a wreck at just the sight of it. To say I was nervous was an understatement but in front of C I was all singing and dancing and making sure I was coming across like a bullet proof husband. We got to bed late as usual and when the alarm went off at 6:15am we both crawled out of the bed knackered as we hadn’t slept great but today was the day our little man arrived. The traffic going down the long mile road was rubbish as usual so we got to the Coombe just after 7am and we go to check in. We finally get our room at 9:15am and C is struggling at this point as she has to fast, she can’t even take her magic tablet which has got her through the last 6 months. We are number 4 on the list for Prof Daly so we are in no immediate rush. A nurse comes in to check C out and takes her vitals and gave C some meds to take, again she tells us we are going nowhere until at least 11am. So, we kicked back and just chatted when the nurse reappears 5 minutes later with a gown for C and says “Right Corinne change of plan let’s get you into this gown and get you upstairs “. C got ready pretty quick and off we marched up the stairs to the operating theatre. We were sat in a little waiting room for a few minutes when C declared “I am going to vomit “We moved to the corridor as it was a little cooler out there and then she just pointed to one of the kidney trays on the window cell so I grabbed it and next thing I know she is throwing up this foamy stuff. She really did suffer to the very end the poor thing. She had no sooner finished vomiting when the nurse came out to take her in and get me gowned up. I saw this as an opportunity to take some selfies as I thought I looked like George Clooney, probably not the best idea but hey ho I looked dapper in the scrubs. I gave C a kiss and told her how much I loved her and I would be in as soon as they allowed me. So, I sat there for what seemed a life time and I am getting more and more nervous about what is about to happen and all these thoughts are going through my head…. I hope C is going to be ok. I wonder who the baby will look like? I hope he hasn’t got my nose. It would be great if he looked like C as she is a stunner. I wonder will he like football? I could keep going but eventually the nurse interrupted me and asked me to follow her to the operating theatre and on the walk she asked me to stay to the right of the room and she reassured me I wouldn’t see anything I didn’t want to. So, in I stroll keeping to the right but my head had to look left and there was Corinne’s stomach opened staring back at me, I did a bit of a speed wobble and almost passed out but I knewd I had to get my composure back before I got to C. I get passed the screen that separates C in 2, I can see her from her head to her boobs and then the screen kicks in so we can’t see what’s going on. I give her a kiss on the forehead and tell her she is doing amazing but in my head, I’m thinking don’t get sick look what your wife is going through. I am sitting on a little stool holding C’s hand and talking absolute waffle just to distract her. Occasionally, she gets yanked and her whole body moves. my brain is just working overtime now and I just want our little boy and C to be safe and for this to be all over. Finally, at 11.11am Prof Daly lifts our little man over the screen and says congrats to the both of us and tells C how well she did. The guy is just amazing at his job and he is coolness personified. One of the nurses takes Gray over to a little table, she cleans him up and then weighs him. We were told he would probably 7 or 8 pounds but he turned out to be 5lb 12oz and tiny. I know I am biased but he was just the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen with the darkest head of hair. The nurse put him straight onto C’s chest to do skin to skin and I will never forget the emotion that came over me. It was a mixture of pride and love and I couldn’t stop smiling and crying. I remember saying to C a few days after the event I couldn’t have done what she did and if babies were left up to men the world would have died out years ago. C did amazingly well and I was just so proud of her. So that is the story of how Gray DJ arrived into this world, it’s nothing like they show on TV – unless you watch One Born Every Minute. The Doctors and nurses are incredible and the ladies who do all the work I take my hat off to each and every one of you. What happened next was even more interesting….. Kel


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