The world we live in!

I just want to touch on something that caught my eye during the week. An ex footballer aged 31 " went to the doctor, got Lipo with your money ". I'm surprised and not surprised as to why he did it. I'm not surprised as I know how easy it is to put on weight. Men are under pressure too to look there best. As I sit here with my Spotlight Whitening strips on!!

All you have to do is flick on the tv at 9pm and you will come across Love Island. At my last count there were 8 guys in there - 6 had a 6 pack, 1 had about a 15 pack and Jack had a bit of a belly but the most amazing teeth I've ever seen ( he is my favourite ).

I'm surprised as he was an ex professional athlete and he knows what it takes to keep his body in shape. You just have to look at the lifestyle, all the holidays and the socialising. Unless your prepared to make lifestyle changes I can't see the quick fix that is Lipo actually working. Speaking of lifestyle changes I better stop cutting the crust off Gray's toast and eating them.

I started my lifestyle changes a few days ago and I am still in the obsessed with food stage.  Why is it when you decide to be healthy you can't stop thinking about pizza! On a more serious  note it's not all about looking good, it's about staying healthy. In that note in off to play a bit of tennis!!


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