The adjustment

I walked into the sitting room yesterday and I had to avoid the teepee, side step the walker, hop over the toy basket then shuffle past the jumperoo. Why did nobody tell me before the baby arrived to sell the sofa, the foot stool and to build an extension onto the sitting room which happens to be in the middle level of our home.

Never mind the chaos within the house. It's the military style precision when leaving the house amazes me. Have you packed the baby bag? How long are we going out for? What is he wearing? Is it cold out? How much food do we need to bring? You just get all the answers to the above questions then question time from C starts. Did you pack a bib? Did you pack a spoon? Have we enough milk? Did you pack 5 vests and 18 nappies? No sooner am I at the car when I think to myself, what's that smell? Back into the house I go to change the nappy. Bare in mind we are only going up the road for a coffee.

Do you like guessing games? No! Well okay we are going to play one anyway. My life is now one big guessing game. Why is he crying? Is it his teeth? Pain in the belly? Is he hungry? Is he tired? Does he wear glasses? Is he bald? Does he wear a red scarf? Is it Tom?

When your 37 having your first baby, you are use to going to bed and setting your alarm, by alarm I mean my I phone not the little human I created. Getting use to lack of sleep or broken sleep is very hard to adjust to. I remember going to play golf when Gray was a few months old and thinking will I just stay in the car and have a sleep for 4 hours. You start to live in hope tomorrow is the day he will decide to sleep through the night. As Garth Brooks once sang if tomorrow never comes. You start to rope MIL in for a night's babysitting but not so we can go out just so we can get some sleep. Funny thing about all this is when he's asleep I think how cute is he I just want to wake him.


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