Troubled times

Gray was only 9 weeks old when we experienced kids A&E for the first time.  It was a Friday evening when we were with the photographer to look at the photo’s she took of him when he was two weeks old. All was going well until we loaded him back into the car when he just started screaming crying for no reason. This was very unusual for him as he is not really a crier. We took him out of his seat but he just wouldn’t stop crying. It took us a good twenty minutes to calm him down and eventually head for home.

 A few hours had passed and Gray seemed to perk up a little bit. I brought him into his nursery to change his nappy when I noticed there was mucus in the front of his nappy and the tip of his willy was red and sore looking. I called C to take a look and she was just as surprised as I was and we decided we would check the nappy again in a few minutes. Ten minutes went by and I decided to check the nappy again – there was even more mucus and that was enough for us to decide we needed to head for the hospital.

 We arrived at the hospital and we were straight into triage. The nurse took Gray’s temperature and checked his blood pressure and asked us to get a urine sample from him. I sat on a chair with Gray’s nappy open while C was holding the cup by his willy waiting for him to have a wee. After a half hour he eventually went and C managed to catch enough of it so they could run some tests. They sent us into a cubicle while we waited for the doctor and the results.

 We managed to get the little man to sleep as it was now the early hours of the morning. An hour passed and we were asked to move to a cubicle directly across from the nurses’ station and I started to get worried. The doctor arrived in to talk to us and within a minute she confirmed our little man had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and he would be staying in for the weekend.  The doctor then handed me a little syringe with a sugary mix and said it will distract him when I’m putting the line in“. It was tough to watch but the doctor was brilliant and the “Freddie“ was in so quick. Shortly after that we were brought upstairs and shown our room little did we know it was for the next 3 nights.

 Gray was on a drip all day Saturday and he slept on and off for the whole day. My heart sank for the second time when the nurse told me they had to put a Freddie in Gray’s other hand at 3am when the latest antibiotic was finished. The nurse arrived in just after 3am. I got the little syringe with the sugary mix once more and waited anxiously for the doctor. He arrived a few minutes later and I was surprised how young he looked so I asked him had he done this before to which he replied “ only a few times “ he didn’t fill me with confidence although he assured me he would do his best. After the 3rd attempt and 10 minutes gone by I was at breaking point. Gray was screaming the place down in pain and through the tears in my eyes I asked the doctor could he get someone else to help him so we could just get this done. He apologized and went to find a more experienced doctor on call. They both came back together and a few minutes later and Freddie was sorted in less than 20 seconds.

Gray drifted off to sleep while I lay there in an absolute mess for hours. Thankfully that was the worst of the situation and I did make it my business to find the doctor the next morning to say sorry for my meltdown. We finally got discharged on the Monday evening and it was straight home for a bath for all 3 of us.

It really was a tough few days but it does give you perspective and I can only imagine how tough it is on parents when they have a seriously sick child. Your world gets flipped upside down and it’s into survival mode. Thankfully Gray got the all clear back in August and we have no more concerns about his kidneys.

I really struggled to write this one and I must have started and stopped 20 times over the last few weeks. What comes next is way more fun


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